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General Questions

Q : Which is the best way to advertise for my products or services?
A : First you need email addresses. Use the EmailSpider, the EmailGenerator or the EmailExtractor for this purpose. Send the emails using our Postman. To administer email lists you can use the ListManager. From time to time you should check the email address lists upon their validity using our EmailVerifier.

Q : How about the segmenting of the email addresses?
A : A detailed segmenting of the email addresses is with all our programs almost impossible. Nevertheless, there are some tricks to get some futher information to all collected email addresses. For example you can generate with the EmailGenerator only email addresses of german providers and female first names like Or you can scan domains with our EmailSpider, who contain only email addresses of your target group. Be creative!

Q : What does the ~ sign mean before the indication of the list sizes?
A : "~1'986'444" means, that this list contains 1'986.444 elements. However some elements might be doubled in the list. Our programs remove these doubled elements at the latest when updating or saving the lists. This mechanism makes it possible that the lists can reach an almost unlimited size.

Q : What's the difference between the trial- und the full version?
A : The trial versions are fully working. But they have some restrictions. Saving of the email address lists for example is not possible with EmailSpider. As soon as you have registered your product and we've sent you the key, you can upgrade your trial- into a full version.

Q : Why do I need EmailSpider, EmailGenerator or EmailExtractor when I can buy email lists?
A : Of course you can buy expensive email address lists. Most of these lists contain many addresses who don't exist anymore or even generated addresses who never have been checked upon their validity. And think: you are not the only one who contacts these addresses. The mail boxes of these people will be filled and your email will not receive attention at all. Our product are for sure a better alternative.

Q : Problems
A : Most problems occur when using a falsely configured firewall. Tools like Postman, EmailVerifier or EmailGenerator might have problems with your Anti Virus Software, because of the "censor" request on the SMTP port 25. Turn off your email protection in your Anti Virus Software or deinstall it.


EmailSpider Gold

Q : What is the EmailSpider used for?
A : The EmailSpider collects independently email addresses from the InterNet and saves them.

Q : Do I have to configure the EmailSpider first?
A : No, create a new project and press the start button. At a later time you can still create a new project, when you exactly know how the application works.

Q : Is it possible to scan the entire InterNet?
A : Theoretically it is possible to scan the entire web, but usually this doesn't make sense. Advice: scan one superdomain (e.g. .de or .fr) after the other. So you get email lists, which are segmented by region and language.

Q : How does the EmailSpider recognize web pages who generate invalid email addresses?
A : EmailSpider takes samples at web pages who contain remarkable many email addresses. For this purpose you must select the option "detect email address producers".

Q : Is the EmailSpider not getting slower, the larger the URL- or email lists become?
A : No. The number of elements of the lists has no influence on the speed.

Q : How is the "Smart Search Mechanism" functioning?
A : We cannot explain this here in detail. It is a very sophisticated mechanism, who recognizes the structure of the InterNet publishing and only starts scanning the web pages when the probability is high to find some email addresses.

Q : What do the yellow bars mean?
A : They show, how many email addresses were found per minute.

Q : Does the EmailSpider scan some web pages several times?
A : No, the same web page will be scanned only once.

Q : What is the "strong URL" list?
A : It saves domain names where particularly many email addresses were found. The email addresses that these services contain are often changing. This is often the case on advertisement pages. If you want, these URL's can be scanned once more at a later time.

Q : I'd like to scan only a single URL or a URL list for email addresses, how can that be done?
A : First create a new project and then enter in the field : "Start URL" the URL you like to parse. Enable the Checkbox "Single URL project". You can import a complete URL list in "View | Listings | Unprocessed URL's | Import / Add'".
Start the project


EmailGenerator Platinum

Q : How do I start the EmailGenerator?
A : Go to Project | new Project. Enter the name of the project. Press Start and then press Load Demo List.

Q : I work with the EmailSpider, what is the EmailGenerator used for?
A : If you already work with EmailSpider, then it is even better. The EmailGenerator needs URL's to generate email addresses. You can import the URL list in the EmailGenerator from EmailSpider. The email list can also be imported. The EmailGenerator then transforms them into domain names.

Q : Are all the found email addresses really valid?
A : If you have turned on the automatical checking option (standard), all generated email addresses are 100% valid.

Q : Can I replace the first names, names or the keywordlists by my own lists?
A : Yes, you can supplement these lists or replace them by your own lists.

Q : I have problems generating hotmail addresses.
A : Hotmail and some other email provider do not allow a verification, so you have to turn off the verification while scanning such providers. A big part of the in this way generated email addresses will then be invalid. But there is a trick to recognize such invalid email addresses: see our product ResponseAnalizer

Q : What happens if the InterNet connection is interrupted?
A : The project will automatically be stopped and the data will be saved.

Q : What is the Email Composer?
A : With the Email Composer you can specify guidelines how an email address is composed. For example or and so on.

Q : Do I have to change something in the EmailComposer?
A : The standard settings of the Email Composer cover a great part of the possible email adresses. But you can adapt the settings at any time to your needs.

Q : Why exists a standard URL list?
A : The standard URL list helps a new and unexperiened user to discover the advantages of the EmailGenerator right from the beginning. Please use your own URL lists in your projects.



Q : What is the purpose of the EmailExtractor?
A : The EmailExtractor can extract email addresses from various data mediums or files.

Q : Is it possible to scan all yellow pages CD's?
A : Almost all yellow pages CD's contain the email addresses unencrypted. If they are encrypted the EmailExtractor will not be able to unencrypt them.

Q : How do I scan an entire harddisc for email addresses?
A : Select the desired drive and press Start.

Q : Is it also possible to scan the network for files?
A : Yes.

Q : Is it also possible to scan DVD's?
A : Yes.

Q : Is it possible to scan files which are included in a web page like HTML files?
A : Yes, but you first have to save these HTML files somewhere.



Q : Why do I need the EmailVerifier?
A : To remove invalid and not any longer existing email addresses from your email lists.

Q : Why exists a "probably valid" list?
A : Although the EmailVerifier doesn't use the standard SMTP command VRFY, which is turned off by most mail servers, there exist mail servers where even our verification mechanism fails. Because of that, email addresses will only be checked if there exists a corresponding mail server. Some of these email addresses might be invalid anyway. But there is a trick to recognize such email addresses: see our product ResponseAnalizer

Q : Are the email addresses of the list "valid" definitely valid?
A : Yes. All these addresses are 100% valid.

Q : Are the email addresses in the "invalid" list definitely invalid?
A : Theoretically yes. If you have adapted the number of Threads and the Connection Timeout of your band with. In order to really not lose any valid email addresses, you can check the list once again.

Q : What happens when the network is interrupted?
A : The EmailVerifier recognizes when the InterNet connection is no longer available. He stopps then automatically and save the data.

Postman Professional

Q : How can I send a HTML-email which contains a diagram?
A : Load your HTML file into the text window. Make sure that the Postman sends your email as HTML (Settings). The diagram files must be available on the webserver.

Q : Do I additionally need a mailserver?
A : No. You can send the emails either direct (Standart) or via a mail server (Settings).

Q : What are Content lists used for?
A : First: normally you don't need these lists. But if you want to send a newsletter to several thousands of receivers, it can occur that some emails will be blocked by a spam filter. With these lists it is possible to generate the content of an email dynamically. Every email is then different to the others. Please read the provided help.

Q : Can I check which email receiver visits my web page?
A : Yes. The email address can be attached to every link as a parameter. You just have to create a script on your web page which saves the addresses. For some web servers, it is sufficient to parse the logfile. For this purpose use the EmailExtractor.

Q : How many emails can I send per minute?
A : This depends only on the filesize of the emails and upon your upload rate. You'll send about 4-6 email per second if it's a normal text message at an upstream of 128 kbit/s.

Q : I find no restrictions when using my trial version.
A : The trial version doesn't have any restrictions. The trial version only shows a discreet link at the end of your emails, which leads to our homepage.

Q : I'd like to send several newsletter at the same time. Is this possible?
A : Yes, You just have to open multiple instances of the Postman.

Q : What happens when the connection gets lost?
A : The sending of the emails will be interrupted automatically and the project data will be saved.

Q : Shall I use an SMTP server or shall I send the emails directly?
A :  It is strongly recommended to use an SMTP server.

Q : I try to send the emails directly (without SMTP server) and I always get an error message.
A : Most of the large freemail provider like Yahoo, Hotmail or Google started to block emails sent from dynamic IP addresses. You should always use an SMTP Server.

Q : What is an SMTP server?
A :  Wikipedia : Message transfer agent

Q : Which SMTP server shall I use?
A : If possible, use the SMTP server of your ISP. There are also other providers where you can rent an SMTP server for a certain amount of emails.

Q : What is SMTP Authentication?
A : Wikipedia : SMTP Authentication

Q : An error message appears when I try to send a test email. Although I use an SMTP server.
A : Please check the name or IP address of your SMTP server. If you need SMTP Authentication please check if the username / password is correct. Please check your firewall / anti virus software settings. The IP port 25 must be open. Or are you may blocked by your SMTP server itself?

Q : All test emails goes to spam folder.
A : Please use the "Text" or "Inline HTML" format. Do not use the HTML format if possible. Use an SMTP server or send your emails from a static IP address. Of course the SMTP server should not be blacklisted ( Do always use your real sender address. Do not use a sender freemail address like



Q : Why do I need the ResponseAnalizer?
A : Please have a look at the ResponseAnalizer product description. 

Q : Does the ResponseAnalizer ascertain, when an email is read?
A : No. The ResponseAnalizer is not a profiler. But we have already started developping such programs. Please subscribe for our free newsletter. We will inform you when it'll be completed.


Q : What is the ListManager used for?
A : After a certain time you'll be able to merge your lists, remove doubled elements, to split lists, sort or be forced to filter your lists by certain criteria. The list manager is specialized on large URL- or email lists.

Q : Is the ListManager comparable to a database?
A : Yes and no. The Listmanager contains no data. But it contains a simple queries mechanism, comparable to SQL. A database which contains several millions of email addresses would answer the queries very slow. This is one of the reasons why we do not support a database management tool.


Q : Why do I need a program which collects domain names?
A : If you collect email addresses, then you shouldn't underestimate the importance of an URL. To almost every URL exists at least one email address (  The URL of an email provider is much more important. Out of such an URL you can generate an enormous amount of valid email addresses. For this purpose use the EmailGenerator

Q : Can I configure the URLCollector so that it collects only domain names of a specific region?
A : Because the URLCollector queries the search engines, this depends upon them. Most search engines do offer a search by region.

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