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Email Marketing is a very low cost, fast and effective way of advertisement.

Unfortunately it occurs again and again that the basic rules of behaviour are not kept..

For some people, spam is dispatching mass mails. Others already call the dispatching of only one email to a user, who did not register himself explicitly into a mailing list (opt in), as spam.

If you collected or generated the email addresses with our programs, then you can only reach these target groups by the opt-out procedure. By this procedure, the target groups must be able to recognize the email as an advertisement. Further you must inform the user that this is a single email or you give him the possibility to sign out from the list.

Persons, who do not want to be contacted, can register themselves in so-called Robinson lists. Robinson lists are some kind of global unsubscribe lists. Work with these lists! Our ListManager helps you by the removing of such addresses.

For a long time dispatching of mass mails was not regulated legally anywhere. In the meantime there exist such laws in some countries. Please inform yourself.

Much success!


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